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13 December 2018

《The Handmade File》Emilie Van Camp: The true beauty and peace of Japan.

Emilie Van Camp, a Belgium lady who grown up at Scottish Highlands. Now she lives in London. She was always fascinated by Japanese landscape. Few years ago, she took a long journey to the hidden countryside in west Japan. That excited her to become an artist.

■The tranquillity from beautiful  Japan
She studied oil painting in school, but she starts her artist career with Japanese calligraphy brush and water colour.

Nature of Japan is her source of inspiration. During her journey, she fell in love with Iya Valley.  Her artworks attempt to capture the essence of a remote village, a lost track in the west Japan: the simplicity, the purity, the ultimate peace.

▲She captured the true beauty of Japan’s Nature in her heart. (Photo courtesy: Emilie Van Camp)

Her abstract expression of oriental landscape, bold composition of white space with symbolic lines and drips of ink, make us discover something spectacular of Japan’s everyday nature.

We are very happy to host her debut solo exhibition in Japan, at KOHORO Yoodoyabashi.

▲A photo of the exhibition. KOHORO always promote the true beauty of Japan through handicraft products, and we are happy that Emilie’s artworks share the same way of thinking. From that, we used the theme “The tranquillity from beautiful  Japan”.

■Autumn trip in Kyushu
After the exhibition, Emilie traveled to Kyushu. Later we got this stunning photo from her. It’s wonderful.
▲(Photo courtesy: Emilie Van Camp)

“This is my second journey to Japan. I feel peaceful and warm. And I don’t have enough words to describe now beautiful Japan’s nature is.”

“I experience power, compassion, harmony, purity, solemnity, wildness and grace. These experience is like gifts from nature.”

▲(Photo courtesy: Emilie Van Camp)

“In a village, I had a pleasant experience communicating with old villagers. I kept bowing and told them I could not speak Japanese, and they bowed back to me. Then we continued to laugh and bow to each other till we said good-bye. It was such a funny experience.”

That’s what Emilie wrote at the end of her email.

“There are many people moving to the city. When I know there are so many abandoned houses, shops and cafes , I feel very sad.”

“Everyone was surprised when they found out I came all the way from London. They said thank you to me for visiting. Everywhere I went is worth for me to travel such a long way, and it is worth for everyone to visit. I strongly recommend you to meet the residents there.”

We were happy to discover Japan’s unique beauty from her artworks, photos and message, and experience the joy and sadness from our daily, local nature.

▲(Photo courtesy: Emilie Van Camp)

■We are happy to introduce her artworks in Tokyo.
There will be an exhibition in shed, Futagotamakawa. And you can find her artworks in Envelope Online Shop too.

Emilie Van Camp Exhibition
Envelope Online Shop:14th Dec (fri) to 21st Dec (fri) 2018
shed:22nd Dec (sat) – 24th Dec (mon) 2018

▲(Photo courtesy: Emilie Van Camp)