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4 December 2015

Story about Susumu Jo’s earthenware pot

Story about Susumu Jo’s earthenware pot

KOHORO Futakotamagawa held Susumu Jo’s exhibition last month. Jo’s works are available at Envelope now. Jo has made many earthenware pots for the coming winter season. On the 2nd day of the exhibition, cooking specialist Emi Suzuki cooked rice using Jo’s pot.

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About Susumu Jo

Susumu Jo makes pottery in Iga city, Mie prefecture.
KOHORO has been carrying his works for many years.
His Tetsue (pottery painted with a ferrous pigment) series has been loved by many of our customers.

Tetsue series

Tetsue series



Susumu Jo

Mr. Jo at the exhibition


He made many different shapes of pots for the exhibition.
Besides these, many of his signature works such as Tetsue and Kohiki (powder spray looking) dishes and bowls are also available at our store.


Store interior


The dishes

Mr. Jo made many bowls and dishes for the exhibition.



Emi Suzuki uses Jo’s earthenware pot to cook rice.

On the second day of the exhibition, cooking specialist Emi Suzuki used Mr. Jo’s earthenware pot to cook rice.

When you are cooking

Rising steam adds to the pot’s charm.


Unlike an electric rice cooker, in an earthenware pot, rice and water circulate by convection.
You can enjoy the sounds and smells of cooking with this traditional Japanese cooking tool.
This type of pot is perfect for slow cooking dishes such as stew or jam.
Ms. Suzuki always uses an earthenware pot for jam making.


Jo makes tableware and Suzuki uses them.

We learned a lot from the conversation between Mr. Jo and Ms. Suzuki.

Jo and Suzuki, who is talking to


Suzuki  “Can I put your earthenware pot over a high flame?”

Jo  “Yes, no problem!”

Suzuki  “Are earthenware pots baked at a higher temperature than dishes and bowls?”

Jo  “No. Pots are baked at a lower temperature because if they are baked at a high temperature, when the surface touches flame, the pot expands and is easily broken.”

Suzuki  “When I talk with you, there are many moments where I think “Oh, I see!”


Cook up rice in a clay pot


Now, the rice is done!
After steaming the rice in the ohitsu,
Ms. Suzuki starts making rice balls.


Where we are making rice balls


 Delicious rice balls placed on top of the dish of Jo's work

Let’s eat!

Don’t waste the rice stuck to the pot!
Ms. Suzuki suggests making porridge with soup stock and eggs.


Characteristics of Jo’s earthenware pot

Mr. Jo’s earthenware pots do not require pretreatment and are ready to be used immediately.
His versatile pots are oven and microwave-safe.
(*Tetsue lids are NOT oven and microwave-safe.)


Jo’s earthenware pot


Jo's pot and vessel


We are sure that you will find something you like from within the variety of Mr. Jo’s works ranging from earthenware pots to casseroles and bowls, items that are perfect for hot winter dishes.

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