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13 December 2018

《The Handmade File》Emilie Van Camp: The true beauty and peace of Japan.

Emilie Van Camp, a Belgium lady who grown up at Scottish Highlands. Now she lives in Londo...
27 November 2018

Free Gift Wrapping for Christmas

Enjoy shopping in Envelope this Christmas!...
15 March 2016

Michikazu and Tomoko Sakai

A ceramics exhibition by Michikazu and Tomoko Sakai started at KOHORO Yodoyabashi on March...
3 February 2016

“Studio Sora” Izumi Fukawa’s ceramics

Izumi Fukawa makes ceramics in Karatsu, Saga-prefecture. Her studio is located in the mids...
7 December 2015

“the linen bird” original year towel 2016

Every year, “the linen bird” produces a year towel to express their gratitude for the year...
4 December 2015
Story about Susumu Jo’s earthenware pot

Story about Susumu Jo’s earthenware pot

KOHORO Futakotamagawa held Susumu Jo’s exhibition last month. Jo’s works are available at ...